Publishing your application

Publish your application so that anyone can operate it.

Baseten exists to get models out of Jupyter notebooks and into applications that serve end users. Whether you are building for another team in your company or for the general public, your final step is publishing your application.


From any view, click the "Preview" button in the upper-right corner to open an interactive preview in a new tab. This preview appears exactly as it will to the end user and is totally wired up; any on-page actions will run as normal in the preview. Use this preview as a final check to make sure everything looks as intended before you ship it!

Preview links are only accessible to logged-in users in your Baseten workspace.


By default, applications on your Baseten account are private. By making an application public, you allow anyone with the link to see and operate the application. They cannot edit the application's views, worklets, or queries. When you're ready, use the toggle in the share menu to make the application public.

A public application's default view is the application's homepage. When a user visits the application's URL, they will see the default view.

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