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Data connections

Connect your Baseten account to external data sources.
If you want to use your own database or need to use something other than PostgreSQL, create a data connection to make your data source available to your Baseten apps.
Set up a new connection from the "Connections" tab on the Data page. Press the "Add connection" button, select the type of the database, and answer the config and auth questions. Connection details are encrypted at rest. Name it something meaningful; you'll be using this name to refer to your data connection elsewhere in your code.
New connection
Data Connections are available for:
  • PostgreSQL, an open-source relational database
  • MySQL, an open-source relational database
  • BigQuery, a data warehouse with an ANSI SQL interface and machine learning capabilities
  • Snowflake, a data warehouse as a service
  • Redis, an open-source in-memory data structure store
  • Apache Kafka, an open-source data streaming platform
  • Amazon SageMaker, a machine learning platform on Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon S3, an object storage system on Amazon Web Services